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My name is ateen, with the 'en' behind not 'in'. I love moshimoro! :D My mama says that world doesn't come in moshimoro bear. So my dream is to create a !big moshimoro bear in the world let everyone know how cute moshimoro are :) And potato-flavoured vegetables, meat and possibly, cookies. I also want to design moshimoro-peel clothes. Bwahahaha, MOSHIMRAWR SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD!




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Friday, March 18, 2011
hey. can i speak ENGLISH for this entry? HAHA. eventhough i have a broken ENGLISH but who care? HAHA. eh eh. why i want to speak english tonite here's some reasons ; i saw a blog. the owner is a women. yes ofcourse she is malaysian people and i think she's 19 years this year. i dont have any problem with her actually but it just seems so weird why malaysian people have to write english eventhought she knows how to speak malay OH. to make it worst, she's  has broken english but she's never admit it. HAHA funny. i read some comment of her post dat say. eh u have wrongly and broken english she just answer like arrogant people" HELLO i can speak english well, so how dare you say my english broken" and some one has said" u have to see a teacher to teach u how to write in english well, she answer " HELLO u the one who have to see the teacher not me DAAA" haha what kind of malaysian people is this? HAHA why she so shame to used malay language? yes at least shes try to write in english but shes cant accept advice thats the worst. if she know how malay language is beautiful she shud think TWICE before she write in english, i dont saya it wrong to write in english but it looks so "gedik" understand? moreover when u have wrongly used the language . it looks like stupid become more stupid especially when shes cannot accept advice. HAHA. so i hope she can use malay lang after this, and if she still used the wronly english its up to her. never mind, its hard to talk wif stupid one sometimes. if u are MALAYSIAN speaks like MALAYSIAN u dont have to GEDIK2 and to show u are very very good in english by writing in english. u know what u just make fun of urself XD thankyou and good nite. dats all for today (: i don have any ineresting story to share except ABANG SEMBUR NYAMUK (: oh one more thing. i've kill LIPAS. whoahh. how cool am i because i've a LIPAS. i feel very proud even i cant see LIPAS suffer when kena ridsect. HAHA. pity u LIPAS.HAHA okay sorry for the broken english. HAHA. i never writing my entry wif full english HAHA because i know i'm bad in english HOHO xiexie. (:

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