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My name is ateen, with the 'en' behind not 'in'. I love moshimoro! :D My mama says that world doesn't come in moshimoro bear. So my dream is to create a !big moshimoro bear in the world let everyone know how cute moshimoro are :) And potato-flavoured vegetables, meat and possibly, cookies. I also want to design moshimoro-peel clothes. Bwahahaha, MOSHIMRAWR SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD!




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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
► show me some miracle
i hope my mommy will get better as soon as posibble. i really love her so much
nothing can change it. i really worried about you now): i hope you can stay strong for me <3
i only have u rite now. papa i hope u can take care of mama. zahra please take a look for our mom 
i'll be there as soon as posibble. tokma thankss alot because you care for me all this time (:
aki. thankss alot for your advice. i really appriciate it. i donno what can i do rite now. i've been cryin for whole day yesterday. my tears fall, my eyes sick, my body weak, i never prepared to be in this position. i try to be strong but i cant. i'm not a good daughter. but i still love my mommy. 

p/s : MAMA get well soon. i miss ur loud voice. i miss ur bubble talk. i miss all the thing. pls don leave me mama
i need you rite now )':

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