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My name is ateen, with the 'en' behind not 'in'. I love moshimoro! :D My mama says that world doesn't come in moshimoro bear. So my dream is to create a !big moshimoro bear in the world let everyone know how cute moshimoro are :) And potato-flavoured vegetables, meat and possibly, cookies. I also want to design moshimoro-peel clothes. Bwahahaha, MOSHIMRAWR SHALL DOMINATE THE WORLD!




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Wednesday, December 15, 2010
► knowing me as ateen
1. i'm not pretty.
2. i come from ordinary family
3. i hate to be anyone else
4. i hate right clic
5. liar get off from me
6. i love moshimoro
7. i don have any felling towards anybody
8.  i treat everyone same
9. umt student
10. fuck manchester love chelsea
11. hardcore not screamo
12. frankie j, fiq, 30h3
13. i love my family
14. tomboyish
15. piercing is my way
16. i hate who talk while chewing its really discusting
17. addicted to cap, shoes, skinny not leggine
18. if u know me u will say im crazy and devil but if u don know me u will say
ouh. dat girl is so whatever HAHA
19. am i fake? none of ur bussness. just care about ur kain sarung okay :DD

p/s understands dis :D

You can keep talking but baby, I’m walking away; 3:50 AM